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Essential SQL Server 2008 Downloads

SQLExpress also not working on my home machine :-(

I tried it on WinXP SP2 and it was the same as on Win2k3 Server. The Setup failed to start the SQLServer-Service and then rolled the install back.
Although this time it could be my fault, because I didn’t install on a clean machine. I previously had SQLExpress Beta 2 and Beta 1 of Visual C# Express on this machine. Of course I removed everything very carefully before trying to install .Net Beta2 and SQLExpress April ’05 CTP.

Well, it looks like Microsoft got some serious homework to do there…

Couldn’t get SQL Server Express April 2005 CTP to install on W2K3 Standard (German) :-(

Well the title says it all …
I downloaded the latest bits of SQLEXPRESS (formerly known as Beta 3) and no matter what I do, it won’t install on Windows Server 2003 Standard. I tried it on a freshly installed Server with and without SP1. No luck. Maybe it doesn’t like that it’s a German version or it doesn’t like to be installed to drive D:, I don’t know.
At the end I always get the error: “Can’t start the MSSQLSERVER service” and it rolls everything back. Somehow it is missing a dependent service, but there is none listed under “Services” in Control Panel, sigh.

Visual C# Express Beta2 installed OK, but it’s only half the fun without SQLExpress.